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FxGS has several projects, some of an ongoing nature and others that have a finite duration in time. Some of the projects have results that are open to the public, some are members only, and others have a shared nature. For example, FxGS is working to digitize records at the National Archives. 

The information on the Civil War pension files, below, has been recently updated.  The information on the other projects is in the process of being updated and will be current in the near future.

Digitization of Civil War Pension Files at the National Archives

FxGS members are helping to digitize Civil War pension files in the Innovation Hub at the National Archives in DC.  NARA is the repository for over 2,000,000 Civil War pension files for Union soldiers, their widows and dependents. Fewer than 10% of these historic records have been digitized.  Volunteer "citizen archivists" like our FxGS members, scan these historic documents which then become available to a worldwide audience.   About twice a month, up to five FxGS members travel to the National Archives to participate in this rewarding project.  We've scanned over 20,000 pages to date.  In 2023, the National Archives recognized the dedicated scanning efforts of the Fairfax Genealogical Society with their Citizen Archivist Award. See the September 2023 FxGS newsletter for an article about the award.  The March 2023 FxGS newsletter has an article about the status of the project.  Contact for more information.


1950 Census

The Fairfax Genealogical Society is participating in the 1950 US Census Community Project which enables members of the public to review and correct the index for the 1950 U.S. Census which was released on April 1, 2022. By crowdsourcing this massive effort, a completely indexed Census will be available for all of us more quickly. We have set up a FamilySearch Group for our Society which will allow FamilySearch to credit the Society for all the indexing work that our members do. To join this group, click on this link, and register:

At this time, computers are going through the 1950 Census, scanning the handwritten entries, and using artificial intelligence to build the initial indexes. The index for the state of Virginia is not yet available for review. The current report is that it is 17% complete. Nevada at 56% is the closest state to completion. We will keep people informed on the status of the indexes. You can also see the progress for yourself here: 1950 U.S. Census • Get Involved • FamilySearch.

To view a video from RootsTech which explains the work involved in this project, click here: Get Involved and Reviewing the 1950 Census • RootsTech 2022 • FamilySearch.


More information: Surname Research

The surname project is an ongoing effort whereby members can submit surnames they are researching, and the general public may make inquiries about the research. The process provides privacy for the FxGS researcher because inquiries from the public are sent to a blind e-mail address whose ultimate target is the researcher. The FxGS researcher then has the choice of whether or not to respond to the e-mail request. Inquiries by the public are made available at the Surname Research menu item, which is open to the public. In addition, FxGS researchers enter their research surnames on the members-only website.

The Gravestone Cemetery Project

More Information: Cemetery Research

In the mid-1980s, the Society decided to update and publish work done by Jane Wall, one of the founding members of the Fairfax Genealogical Society. Additionally, the Society surveyed other graveyards and cemeteries not included in her original project. The administration of the Fairfax County Public Library granted the Society permission to use Jane Wall's documents in our publications. The Society began by locating all known surveys of Fairfax County cemeteries and comparing them to the Wall surveys. We are especially indebted to Carrie White Avery, who conducted surveys in the early 1920s; Aurelia M. Jewell, who conducted surveys in the late 1940s and early 1950s; and to Brian Conley, Information Specialist in the Virginia Room, Fairfax City Regional Library, who has expended much effort to pinpoint the locations of the more than 350 burial locations in the county.

Fairfax Revolutionary War Participation

This database provides military and genealogical information on individuals associated with Fairfax County, Virginia and served in the Revolutionary War. Information in the database was researched, compiled, and coordinated by FxGS member David Whitman. Please direct any additions, corrections, updates, and questions to David at

War of 1812

This database provides military and genealogical information on 1,655 individuals associated with Fairfax County, Virginia and served in the War of 1812. Information in the database was researched, compiled, and coordinated by FxGS member David Whitman. Please direct any additions, corrections, updates, and questions to him at

Bible Transcription Project

The Projects Committee is pleased to announce that several members have submitted Bible transcriptions for publication in the FxGS Newsletter. Additional Bible transcriptions are always welcomed. Members of the Society are invited to submit their family Bible transcriptions for inclusion in the FxGS Newsletter. To the extent possible, the Bible transcriptions should be submitted electronically. Ideally, each submission should be limited to one page and include a brief citation to the Bible and its present whereabouts (if known), a brief description of the family that originally owned the Bible, and the name and e-mail address of the member submitting.

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