Affiliates of FxGS

The following organizations are affiliated with the Fairfax Genealogical Society.  We recommend that anyone with research interests in these areas consider joining these organizations.  If you would like to add your organization to this list, contact our External Relations Chair.
Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society - Central Virginia
The mission of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS) is to preserve African-ancestored family history, genealogy, and cultural diversity by teaching research techniques and disseminating information throughout the community. AAHGS's goals are to promote scholarly research, provide resources for historical and genealogical studies, create a network of people with similar interests, and assist members in documenting their histories. The AAHGS, Central Virginia Chapter will serve researchers interested in the central Virginia counties of Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Nelson, and Orange.
Association of Professional Genealogists, National Capital Area Chapter
The National Capital Area Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (NCAC-APG) was formed in 1992 to promote the high standards of ethics and professionalism in the genealogical field at the regional level. Nearly all of our members conduct research in local repositories, such as the National Archives and Library of Congress, but many have geographic and ethnic specialities outside the Capital area. Our members are also active in teaching, lecturing, publishing, and volunteering. The NCAC-APG provides a list of members (see the Find A Genealogist tab) who are available for a variety of research commissions and speaking engagements. The Association of Professional Genealogists supports a Code of Ethics and provides for arbitration of complaints.
Augusta County Genealogical Society
The Augusta County Genealogical Society (ACGS) is organized to help preserve genealogical records and public access to them, furnish aid and education in genealogical research, and to foster and encourage interest in genealogical research.
Burke Historical Society
The mission of the Burke Historical Society, is to preserve and promote the history of Burke, Virginia. The Society presents programs and exhibits to interpret this history for the public in order to foster education, understanding, and appreciation of Burke’s important role in history.
Charles County Maryland Genealogical Society
The Charles County Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization located in Charles County Maryland. Our purpose is to promote the collection, preservation and dissemination of genealogical information. We also hope to educate and assist those interested in researching their ancestry. Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy.
Clarke County Historical Association
The Clarke County Historical Association is dedicated to preserving the historical resources and records of Clarke County and fostering their use, enjoyment and understanding.
Danville Historical Society
The purpose of the Society is to be a prime force in the city of Danville for the preservation of historic buildings, artifacts and other significant materials pertaining to the history of Danville throughout time. The Society will also endeavor to educate the people of Danville as to the significance of these items, to promote their preservation and to inspire their rehabilitation for future generations.
Floyd County Historical Society
The Society encourages interest in the history of Floyd County through the collection, preservation, and stewardship of significant historic materials. Educational programs include lectures, publications, community outreach and exhibits. The Society maintains a substantial archive of historic artifacts, documents and early photographs.
Frederick County Genealogical Society
The mission of the Frederick County Genealogical Society is to help promote their appreciation and knowledge of genealogical and historical research, offer and encourage continual education for family history and it compilation of information, stimulate proper research methods and promote high standards of accuracy, and preserve and disseminate genealogical information.
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
The mission of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania is to provide leadership and support in promoting genealogy through education, preservation, and access to Pennsylvania-related genealogical information. The Society is committed to preserving and publishing previously unpublished primary sources. The continuing dedication to this service enables the Society to make an increasingly significant contribution to the cultural life of our city, state, and country. Concentrating primarily in Pennsylvania and its adjoining states, but also including immigration into and out of Pennsylvania, the Society has research materials available to members through the Genealogical Collection at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's library.
The Genealogy Club of the Montgomery County Historical Society
The Genealogy Club is organized to promote interest and proficiency in genealogical research and to make available records of interest to genealogists. While some programs discuss records for a specific area, the main focus of the club is to help researchers develop skills and become aware of sources that can be used wherever their ancestors lived. Genealogy Club membership is available as a free benefit to all MCHS members.
Gloucester Genealogical Society of Virginia
The Gloucester Genealogical Society of Virginia presents programs of genealogical interest to the public.  The geographic area of primary interest covered by the Society is Gloucester, Mathews, and surrounding counties.
Goochland County Historical Society
Goochland County Historical Society is an educational organization created and operated for the presentation, preservation, and protection of Goochland County heritage and tradition. To fulfill its mission, the Society has collected manuscripts, artifacts, genealogical, and architectural information pertaining to Goochland, and Virginia in general. These resources, some of them rare and unique, are made available to the public at the Society's Historical Center. Additionally, skilled volunteers will conduct genealogy research from these sources.
Historic Dumfries Virginia, Inc. and the Weems-Botts Museum
Historic Dumfries Virginia, is a private, non-profit, membership organization that is tasked with operating the Weems-Botts Museum, organizing history-related annual events, hosting guest speakers, managing a historical archives & library, and publishing a bi-monthly newsletter.
Howard County Genealogical Society
The Howard County Genealogical Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to aid and encourage the study of family history, to preserve and collect genealogical records, and to assist local libraries in developing their genealogical collections.
Louisa County Historical Society
The purpose of the Louisa County Historical Society is to preserve and present the history of Louisa County, Virginia, by conducting activities that include studying and writing about of the history of the County, acquiring and preserving manuscripts and printed source material and artifacts relevant of the history of the County, acquiring and maintaining sites and buildings of historical significance within the County, and assisting County residents and others in matters relating to County history.
Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library
The Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library has been serving the families of, and visitors to, Lancaster County and Virginia's Northern Neck since 1958. Its mission is to discover, collect, preserve, understand and interpret the history of Lancaster and surrounding counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia for the enjoyment and educational benefit of all residents, succeeding generations and visitors to the area.
Mathews County Historical Society
The mission of the Mathews County Historical Society is to educate and inform the people of Mathews County and the Commonwealth of Virginia of the part played by the people of the County in the great history of the Commonwealth and nation and thereby engender interest in and promote respect for the history of Mathews County and the Commonwealth of Virginia in this and succeeding generations.
Mount Vernon Genealogical Society
The purpose of the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society, Inc. is to encourage the affiliation of persons interested in the pursuit of their ancestral heritage and to promote fellowship and cooperation among them. To stimulate and provide instruction in the use of genealogical research methodology and adherence to standards of accuracy and thoroughness in genealogical research. To provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge gained by individual members in their own research, and to collect, preserve, and disseminate genealogical, biographical and historical knowledge and information.
New Kent Historical Society
The New Kent Historical Society, based in the Old Jail at 12007 Courthouse Circle, New Kent, VA, collects, preserves and disseminates information relating to history, antiquities and literature of New Kent County, Virginia. It is organized for historic and educational purposes, and as a resource to the public, to include birth, marriage and death notices starting from the 1600s.
Prince George's County Genealogical Society
The mission of the Prince George's County Genealogical Society is to collect, preserve, and disseminate genealogical knowledge and information, particularly that material that deals with Prince George's County, Maryland.
Rappahannock Historical Society
The Society is committed to collecting, preserving, interpreting & disseminating the unique history and heritage of Rappahannock County, promoting knowledge of the past for a better understanding of the future.
Roots Users Group of Arlington, Virginia
RootsUsers Group (RUG) serves users of The Master Genealogist and Ultimate Family Tree series of genealogy software. Membership is open to any interested person. The purpose of RUG is to provide a social organization wherein individuals with common interests may study, evaluate, test, exchange ideas and genealogical data, and may disseminate information to interested parties concerning personal computers and computer genealogical software. RUG holds a monthly meeting/workshop on the second Saturday of each month. The first hour is a workshop to help members, particularly novices. Workshops and meetings are open to the public and free.
The Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center (RELIC)
RELIC is a special collection devoted to genealogy and local history with a focus on Virginia and Prince William County. Located at Bull Run Regional Library. RELIC houses a wide variety of materials related to its mission, including published and manuscript materials, indexes and research guides, photographs, maps, microforms, and computer (CD-ROM) databases.
Shenandoah County Historical Society
The Shenandoah County Historical Society is a volunteer organization composed of people who share a mutual interest in the rich and abundant history of Shenandoah County, the purpose of the Society is to foster a spirit of cooperation between existing organizations, writers, historians, genealogists, collectors, preservationists, and other members of the Shenandoah County of Virginia community; to aid in collecting and creating materials and publications about the history of Shenandoah County and ensuring that they are preserved and made available to the community; to support efforts by citizens, organizations and government to preserve historic buildings and sites; and to share history through programs and exhibits.
Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society
Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society serves all genealogists researching family records in the Shenandoah Valley. This area includes counties formed from Augusta and Frederick Counties that generally hold the watershed of the Shenandoah River. These counties are Augusta, Berkeley (now WV), Clarke, Jefferson (now WV), Frederick, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Page, and Warren Counties. We will sometimes include news from five West Virginia counties that were in old Frederick County, but not in the watershed area. They are Grant, Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral, and Morgan Counties.
St. Mary's County Historical Society
The objectives of St. Mary's County Historical Society include collecting and carefully preserving all the available historical material connected with or associated with the history of St. Mary's County, Maryland; and collecting, preserving, and diffusing such information as may be available in the field of genealogy connected with St. Mary's County.
Sussex County Genealogical Society
The purposes of the Society are to collect, preserve, and disseminate genealogical, biographical and historical knowledge and information; encourage all those interested in the pursuit of their ancestral heritage and to promote fellowship and cooperation among them; stimulate interest and provide education in the use of genealogical research methodology and adherence to standards of accuracy and thoroughness in genealogical research; and provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge gained by individual members in their own research.
Tidewater Genealogical Society
The Hugh S. Watson Jr. Genealogical Society of Tidewater, Virginia, is known in short as The Tidewater Genealogical Society. The Society's primary geographical area of interest is Virginia, with emphasis on that part east of the Fall Line. The Society is dedicated to encouraging and sustaining interest in genealogical affairs through education and research programs designed to assist members in their search for ancestors.
Upper Shore Genealogical Society of Maryland
The goal of The Upper Shore Genealogical Society of Maryland is to discover, collect, and disseminate data and records significant to history and family research related to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Founded in 1973, the Society continues to serve as a focal point for genealogical activities in the counties of Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Caroline and Dorchester. The Society is an important link in the exchange of information between resident and non-resident family history researchers.
Virginia Beach Genealogical Society
The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society was established for aiding individuals in genealogical research and compiling family histories, providing lectures and instruction on how best to do genealogical research, and promoting an interest in genealogy throughout the community. Although some members are primarily interested in local genealogy, most of the Society’s membership is drawn from both civilian and military families who have come to the Virginia Beach area to live. As a result, the Society covers wide areas of research interest.
Virginia Genealogical Society
The Virginia Genealogical Society was organized in 1960. Our mission is to promote and foster family history education and research, publish genealogical information, and share accumulated knowledge. VGS Members receive 20% discounts on publications and other benefits.
Washington DC Family History Center
The Washington DC Family History Center (FHC) is a branch of the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and is open for genealogical research by both church members and the general public. FHCs provide local access to Church microfilmed family history records, family history computer resources, and internet genealogical websites. There is no charge for using the facility and only nominal charges for use of the copying machines, purchase of some forms, and rental of microfilms or microfiche.
Wythe County Historical Society Research Library
Founded in 1970, the Wythe County Historical Society has committed more than three decades to the preservation, collection, and interpretation of Wythe County history.