FxGS Audio & Video Tape Lending Library

Most Society meetings since 1980 have been audio tape-recorded. In addition, since 2010, most monthly meetings have been video taped.  One of the benefits of membership in the Society is the privilege of borrowing a tape for personal listening or viewing.

Members may borrow tapes for one month. If you will be attending a regular monthly meeting, tapes are available for sign-out and return there. If not, write to FxGS, Tape Library, PO Box 2290, Merrifield, VA 22116-2290, or call Chuck Mason at (703) 569-3469 or e-mail him at Tape Librarian. There will be a charge for postage in case of mailing.

Those tapes marked with an asterisk have marginal sound quality, but with some effort, at least part of the lecture should be understandable. Please note that information on some of the tapes, especially from the earlier years, may be out of date.

NOTE: These are provided for member listening only. Do Not Copy. Speakers retain full copyright protection.

This listing is as of May 2004. Tapes for our more recent programs may also be available but have not been categorized.

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