FxGS Standing Rules



As of March 9, 2009
Section 1. Description of Duties and Responsibilities
The following positions should perform duties as listed in the Position Descriptions including but not limited to:
A. President: The President shall administer the business of the Society, preside at all regular Society and Executive Board meetings, and appoint committee chairs, except the Program Committee, Membership Committee and Nominating Committee. The President, with Executive Board approval, may appoint a representative(s) to other organizations (e.g., Federation of Genealogical Societies, Fairfax County History Commission) in accordance with Article II Section 3 of the Bylaws.
B. First Vice President: The First Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of, or at the request of, the President and should the office of President become vacant, shall serve as President until the next regular election of officers. The Vice President shall serve as Program Chair. The First Vice President shall contract with an appropriate facility (e.g., school) for the Society’s General Meetings, including submitting any application fee(s) and forms required and making arrangements for alternate dates for January and February meetings (in case of inclement weather).  Application fees paid in cash or by personal check are to be reimbursed by the Society.  The First Vice President shall request a check from the Treasurer for the honorarium presented to each speaker at a General Meeting. The Program Committee shall, in coordination with other appropriate committees, schedule the programs for regular Society meetings.  The First Vice President shall periodically survey Society members about future program topics.  Programs and speakers for the fiscal year are to be arranged by the date of the first General Meeting after the summer break.
C. Second Vice President: The Second Vice President shall preside at Society meetings in the absence of both the President and the First Vice President. The Second Vice President shall not succeed to the office of First Vice President in the event of a vacancy. The Second Vice President shall maintain records of all members. The Second Vice President shall also develop and distribute membership materials via the United States Postal Services bulk mail or the Society’s web site to include the By-Laws, the Standing Rules, the newsletters, membership lists, and surname exchange lists.  The Second Vice President shall collect annual dues and forward said dues to the Society Treasurer for deposit. The Second Vice President shall chair the Membership Committee. The Committee shall develop campaigns to increase membership via the Society’s website, newsletter, and the activities of the Publicity Subcommittee of the Marketing Committee.
D. Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall prepare and maintain the minutes of Executive Board meetings and any business conducted at Society meetings. The Recording Secretary shall maintain the Society’s corporate documents including the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws, the Standing Rules, the seal, and IRS Form Letter 1045(CG) (re: 501 (c) (3) status) or successor forms, sales and insurance contracts, and the archives of the Society.
E. Corresponding Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain the correspondence of the Society. The Corresponding Secretary shall collect incoming mail from the Society’s Post Office Box and direct received materials to appropriate committees or designated volunteers. .
F. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all Society funds and safe deposit box contents, shall deposit funds (e.g., membership dues, seminar registrations, book sale proceeds) in the financial institution(s) designated by the Executive Board, pay all bills and make other disbursements as directed by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall maintain Society financial records and make them available for annual compliance review, report on accounts at Executive Board meetings, and prepare and publish an annual financial statement in the Society’s newsletter. The Treasurer may establish, at Treasurer’s discretion, a Finance sub-committee.  The Treasurer shall also serve as the Treasurer for the Conference Committee.
G. Conference Committee: The Committee arranges all aspects of the Society’s annual seminar, including program, publicity, vendors, and local arrangements, coordinating its activities with other appropriate committees. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Conference Committee.  The Conference Committee shall work closely with the First Vice President, the Education Chair, and the Marketing Committee to publicize the Society’s Seminar.  At a minimum, the Conference Committee shall consist of a Chair, Secretary, the Society Treasurer, Registrar, Syllabus Editor, Vendor Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Publicity Coordinator.  The Society’s Newsletter Editor and its Webmaster may also be members of the Conference Committee at the discretion of the Chair.
H. Education Committee: The Education Committee shall plan programs relating to genealogical interests, research and methodology to Society members. The Education Committee shall coordinate Special Interest Groups. The Executive Board may establish Special Interest Groups for Society members. The purpose of any such group shall be to encourage participation in genealogical research and education among Society members having common technological, methodological, geographic, or ethnic genealogical interests. Each special interest group shall conduct its activities in accordance with the purposes of the Society as stated in Article II Section 1 of the Bylaws. The leader of each special interest group shall report its activities to the SIGs Coordinator or the Education Chair if no Coordinator has been appointed.
I. Newsletter Committee: The Newsletter Committee shall publish the Society newsletter periodically. Such newsletter shall include information on Society activities and articles of genealogical interest. The newsletter shall be published at least four times per year and at other times as directed by the Executive Board.
J. Records Committee: The Records Committee shall preserve all records, manuscripts, typescripts, or published genealogical records received by the Society by gift or purchase. The Committee shall solicit or purchase gifts of genealogical materials. Such solicitations may include cash donations to other organizations and funds (e.g., Malcolm H. Stern NARA Fund) in accordance with Article II Section 3 of the Bylaws. The Committee shall be responsible for the contribution of genealogical materials in appropriate repositories, such as with the Fairfax County Library System. The Committee shall advise the Executive Board as to preservation of the genealogical resources within Fairfax County , Virginia . The volunteers who maintain Society audio-visual equipment, furnishings, and the Tape Library are considered to be part of the Records Committee.
K. Projects Committee: The Projects Committee shall propose and develop project plans for genealogical research and service projects to be presented to the Executive Board for approval.  The Committee shall be responsible for identifying a project coordinator for each project, overseeing the project, and coordinating progress with the project coordinator who will manage the project and the volunteers associated with the project.  The project coordinator will be responsible for implementation of the projects as well as compilation and preparation of any genealogical materials for publication.
L. Marketing Committee: The Committee shall market and conduct sales of all Society products and publications, arrange for their storage in appropriate facilities, and report to the Executive Board the status of sales and inventories including the Society’s products and publications that are under contract for sale by a third party. The Committee shall provide the Treasurer with accounting of sales and proceeds of activities for deposit in the Society’s bank account(s), and provide an inventory report to the Treasurer quarterly.  The Committee shall also publicize the Society’s activities via broadcast, internet, and print media. 
M. Webmaster:  The Webmaster is responsible for managing and maintaining on a timely basis the update of the Society’s website and shall be a member of any committee formed to review said site.  The Webmaster shall establish procedures and deadlines for receiving updates and revisions to the Web site from Society Board members.
N. Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President shall serve in an advisory capacity and perform such duties as the President may request, and shall have a vote on the Executive Board. The Immediate Past President shall be the point of contact for questions from Committee Chairs.
Section 2.  Rules
A.     Dues:  The amount of dues for each additional member of a household shall be $5.00 per fiscal year.
Adopted: March 9, 2009, to be effective as of March 9, 2009