Donna M. Moughty

Donna Moughty, a Professional Genealogist and former Regional Manager for Apple Computer, has been conducting family research for over 25 years. She teaches and lectures on a variety of subjects including Internet, Irish research and computer topics locally and at national and regional conferences and institutes. In addition, she provides consultations, research assistance and training. Donna attended the National Institute for Genealogical Research at the National Archives, and the Third and Fourth Irish Genealogical Congress in Ireland, the Salt Lake Institute – Irish Research and the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research at Samford University where she was an instructor for the Irish course in 2011. She is a member of Association of Professional Genealogists and served as chair of the Professional Management Conference from 2005-2008, and the Genealogical Speakers Guild. Donna is also affiliated with Genealogy.Coach specializing in Irish research and takes groups to Ireland each October to research. Her genealogy blog can be
found at
Irish Research - Donna M. Moughty
9:00-10:00 a.m.
(S51) Strategies for Finding Your Elusive Irish AncestorSuccess in Irish research is highly dependent on discovering the exact location in Ireland of one's ancestors and typically clues to the location are in records in the United States. Although researching in Ireland can be a
wonderful experience, research at home is key to successful Irish research. The fire at Four Courts in 1922 (the Public Records Office) was devastating, but contrary to popular belief, not ALL records were destroyed.
10:30-11:30 a.m.
(S52) From Rubble and Ruin - Locating Famine Immigrants in Griffith’s Valuation.  The fire at Four Courts in 1922, as well as the government’s destruction of early census records has left a
major void for Irish researchers. Although never intended as a Census substitute, The Primary Valuation of Ireland managed by Richard Griffith between 1848 and 1864 has become a key resource for locating ancestors, or the family of ancestors who might have emigrated during the famine.
1:15-2:15 p.m.
(S53) Unpuzzling Ireland’s Church RecordsPrior to the start of civil registration in Ireland the only source of family information is church records. The vast majority of the population of Ireland has always been Roman Catholic, however because of religious persecution,
the records of the Catholic church begin late, usually around 1820. Understanding the history of Ireland is important, as religion in Ireland is a political issue as well as a spiritual one.
2:45-3:45 p.m.
(S54) Online Sources for Irish ResearchThe loss of records at the Public Records Office in the 1922 fire was devastating but many of the surviving records are now available online.  In addition, new records are becoming available almost weekly from multiple sources.  When researching our Irish ancestors, it’s important to search any source that becomes available that covers the time and place where our ancestors lived.