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(Fairfax County)
Adjacent to Calvary Road Baptist Church, 6811 Beulah Street (Route 613)
South Alexandria, Virginia USA
Original Information from Volume 5 of the Gravestone Books
Beulah Cemetery is located adjacent to Calvary Road Baptist Church, 6811 Beulah Street (Route 613) in the Franconia area.  The cornerstone of the large brick edifice reads, “Calvary Road Baptist Church, 1986 - Beulah Baptist Church, 1967.”  A large, arched sign over the main gate into the cemetery reads, “Beulah Cemetery.”  Many of the burials predate 1967.
The pleasant, L-shaped cemetery is in good condition and well maintained.  The grounds are bordered by an attractive iron fence at the front of the cemetery, along Beulah Street.  A chain link fence encloses the cemetery on the sides and along the back.  Several old trees stand on the perimeter of the graveyard.
The cemetery was surveyed in 1973, 1989, 1997 and 1998.  Surveyors noted evidence of many unmarked graves.
The survey begins just inside the gate from Beulah Street with the row nearest the street.  A path runs through this part of the cemetery from the gate to the back of the cemetery.  Surveyors read the gravestones on the south side of the path, row by row, making a U-turn at the end of each row and then walking back to the path.  They recorded the gravestones to the north of the path second, and then finished with the gravestones in the section nearest the church.
No Updates from Volume 6 of the Gravestone Books