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(Fairfax County)
Northeast corner of intersection of Lee Chapel Road and Pohick Road (Route 641)
Burke, VA
Lee Chapel Cemetery is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Lee Chapel Road and Pohick Road (Route 641), Burke.  The chapel, which was affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church South, is no longer standing, although the gateposts, walkway, steps and railing to the chapel, and parts of the foundation remain.  An old cedar grows next to the chapel steps.  The gravestones stand at the sides and back of the chapel ruins.  A stone set in the ground near the chapel site is inscribed “Lee Chapel Erected 1871.”
When the cemetery was surveyed in 1973, it was described as “unkempt and heavily vandalized.”  Many gravestones were broken off at ground level and were completely missing. The 1990 survey reported that the site had been mowed, the area was fenced in and the gate locked.  It looked as if someone was caring for the site.  At the time of the 1994 survey, many gravestones had been pieced together and repaired, but there was evidence of many missing markers.  The grass was mowed and the area was clean.  Many fieldstones marked graves.
The congregation of Sydenstricker United Methodist Church currently maintains the grounds of Lee Chapel Cemetery.
The survey begins to the right of the cemetery entrance with three gravestones which lie together within an iron fence.