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(Fairfax County)
West side of the 500 block of Lewis Street, off Lawyers Road
Vienna, Virginia USA
Original Information from Volume 1 of the Gravestone Books
This cemetery is located on the west side of the 500 block of Lewis Street, off Lawyers Road, in Vienna.  According to an article in the 26 May 1988 Vienna Times by Carol Bonham, this cemetery is on land once owned by Capt. Harmon L. Salsbury where he built his home “Windover Heights.”  In 1884, Salsbury, who had commanded a division of African-American soldiers during the Civil War, conveyed land to blacks for use as a cemetery.  The cemetery has been known over the years as the Borgus, the North-South, the Lewis Street, and the Windover Cemetery.  It was named West End Cemetery in 1986 when restoration was being planned by Historic Vienna, Inc.  After the restoration, over 250 people attended a dedication ceremony at the cemetery on 26 April 1987.
When the gravestones were read in April 1988, the cemetery was in excellent condition and was being maintained by Historic Vienna, Inc.  The cemetery contained 27 gravestones.  The earliest death date was 1884; the most recent was 1978.
No Updates from Volume 6 of the Gravestone Books