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(Fairfax County)
Behind All Saints Episcopal Church at 3421 Franconia Road (Route 644)
South Alexandria, Virginia USA
Original Information from Volume 5 of the Gravestone Books
Sharon Chapel Cemetery stands behind All Saints Episcopal Church at 3421 Franconia Road (Route 644), just west of the intersection of Franconia with Telegraph Road (Route 611).  Sharon Chapel was established in 1848, by the Virginia Theological Seminary, according to The Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of Virginia by Don W. Massey.  All Saints became an “aided mission of the Diocese of Virginia” in 1959, and All Saints-Sharon Chapel became a parish of the Diocese in 1974.  The modern A-frame sanctuary was built in 1963, the fourth chapel at this site.
In earlier days, the front of the church faced in the opposite direction, toward the south.  Parishioners entered the church through the cemetery, from Sharon Chapel Road.  Today, the cemetery is tranquil and pretty with many azaleas, cedars, dogwoods and oaks among the gravestones.  The graveyard is enclosed on three sides by the fences, trees and shrubs of its neighbors.
The site was surveyed in 1990, 1991, 1997 and 1998.  The survey begins in the northwest corner of the cemetery.  The gravestones were read row by row.  Gravestones in obvious family plots were read together.  There are many people buried in the cemetery with the surname Pulman or Pullman.  Utmost care has been taken to spell this surname as it appears on each grave marker.  Compilers felt that the use of (sic) in these cases would be confusing to the reader.
No Updates from Volume 6 of the Gravestone Books