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(Fairfax County)
Accessible from the parking lot of the store at 9413-A Burke Road near Burke Village Center
Burke, VA
One large monument in memory of John and Mary Marshall is the only gravestone standing in the Marshall Family Cemetery.  When the cemetery was visited in September 1994, it was accessible from the corner of the parking lot of the convenience store located at 9413-A Burke Road near Burke Village Center.  The cemetery is on private property about 200 feet west of Silas Burke Park in Burke, on a rise overlooking Burke Road, although it is not visible from the road.
According to an article on page six of the 19 March 1988 Burke-Braddock Connection, John Marshall ran the Marshall General Store which was located about 100 feet west of the cemetery, and also worked as an agent at the Burke railroad depot and as a foreman for Silas Burke, for whom the community is named.
A 1969 survey of the cemetery locates the Marshall house in the vicinity of the intersection of Old Burke Lake Road and Burke Road, adjacent to the old railroad station building.  Local residents state that the house was moved down Burke Road a few years ago and relocated next to the Burke Nursery and Garden Center.  Later the house burned; there is a new house now on that site.
The unique 14-foot monument bears inverted torches at each of its four corners and is topped by a draped urn.  The gravestone had been vandalized, marred by graffiti, and the urn had been broken off in 1986.  The 18 August 1988 issue of the Connection reports that the monument was restored through the combined efforts of the Burke Historical Society, Burke Manor Civic Association who owns the property, and Ann Brown, a Marshall descendant who lives in Burke.  The restoration was organized by Michael Johnson for his Eagle Scout project.  At that time, a chain link fence was erected around the site for its protection.
When the cemetery was visited in September 1994, the area inside the fence was covered with gardening plastic and well mulched.  Of the three footstones previously reported, only one could be partially seen.
According to surveys, two of the footstones bear the initials of John and Mary Marshall.  The third footstone is carved with the initials “J. L. B.”  The August 1988 Connection article about the cemetery relates the story “of the Civil War soldier, who . . . crawled to the Marshalls' door after being wounded and died before he could say his name.  He carried only a sword with the initials ‘JLB.’” The Marshalls buried him in their family cemetery.
The monument is inscribed:

     Name                                   Birth            Death
J. A. Marshall                                          22 Dec 1892
   aged 71 yr
Mary J. Marshall                                       3 May 1887
   aged 61 yr
“A precious one from us has gone.
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.
God in his wisdom has recalled the boom (sic) his love had given,
and though the body moulders here, the soul is safe in Heaven.”